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Direct Booking: New Student Registration

Manage all your emails from your calendar

Manage prices, courses and payments

Managing tutors

Multiple emails


Timely Booking is the best solution for online schools with students and teachers worldwide. Connect your teachers and students automatically and allow your customers to book classes 24/7 from anywhere in the world, and without any phone-calls or emails. Your tutors will access their own personalized calendar and check the students they have everyday, making it even possible for students to book classes with short notice if there are tutors available at that time.

How can students contact you? Once you register as a Site Admin in our website, you will complete your profile, and create your own calendar link, that you can share through your site.

To create this link:
go to menu:  Setup -> Your Profile.

The first gap to fill is the company’s name. The name you include here will be the name that will be included in your link:

You can share this link with your students by sharing it in your website, as a direct link so students can easily access your calendar.

When they follow the link, they will access the registration form to register as a new student in your school. This is the registration form they need to complete:

After they complete the form, you will receive an email notification confirming the new student registration. The student, after verifying the email account, will access the calendar and be able to book a free trial class (if you offer one) and buy more credits.