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Direct Booking: New Student Registration

Manage all your emails from your calendar

Manage prices, courses and payments

Managing tutors

Multiple emails

Manage all your emails from your calendar.

With Timely Booking you can manage all the messages that are sent to your students automatically. You can edit the messages, change the style and settings, and your messages will be sent automatically.

1. Registration verification. This message is sent after a new student registers in your Timely Booking calendar. The student will receive the message in their email account, with a link to verify their e-mail address. You can change the text to personalize your message, and your Admin name and logo will be included in the message automatically, as well as the student’s name (according to the name submitted in the registration).

2. Login information message. After your students register and verify their email account, they will receive a new email with their login information. This message is also sent automatically.

3. E-mail reminder. When your students register, they need to complete certain information, including when they want to receive an email reminder before the class. They can choose to receive it from 1 to 30 hours in advance. This message will remind the student of the class they have, with the information of the teacher, time of the class and teacher’s contact information. Email reminders are a good opportunity to share information with your students so you can constantly update it.

4. Registration verification (for tutors). Similar to the registration verification that new students receive, this message is the verification email that new tutors receive, to verify their account.