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Direct Booking: New Student Registration

Manage all your emails from your calendar

Manage prices, courses and payments

Managing tutors

Multiple emails

Manage prices, courses and payments

Timely Booking also offers a booking system, combined with a system that organizes all your transactions, receiving payments for classes, adding credits to your students’ accounts automatically once payment is received, with payment reports for your tutors.

Go to Menu:  Setup -> Prices and Courses

1. Courses.

Create a new course, for example: “standard lesson” and adjust class duration. Once the course is created, you can set the price.

2. Prices.

Create a new note, and here you will see the new course you created before, in the course section. You can select and set different prices, depending on the package purchased by the student. For example, if the package included a single class, the price is $ 10.

if the student buys 10 classes, you might want to lower the per class price, say, to $7.

3. Tutors.

When setting price, it is important to remember how much you will pay the teacher. Take a look at the “Teachers’ prices” section. The procedure is similar to what we have already seen. Create a new note, select the type of course, and, for each course type, set the teacher’s payment amount.

4. Promotional code.

Suppose you want to give students a special discount. Create a new course in “Manage courses”, set its name, duration and add a promotional code name. Then go to “Manage prices”, select the course and set the number of classes and the cost to the student for this promotional package. The student, upon entering the credit purchase section, will be able to enter the promo code in the space provided.