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Direct Booking: New Student Registration

Manage all your emails from your calendar

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Managing tutors

Multiple emails

Tutors and Bookings.

This is how you, as an administrator of the school, view the classes that are taking place every minute. What you see here is the daily calendar, showing all the classes of the day. You have different colors to identify the state of a class: green is an available slot that has not been booked yet, yellow is a class that will take place in the future, light blue is a passed class, red is a class taking place at this exact moment, and grey is the color for blocked slots.

On the left you can see the monthly calendars, and you can stand on any day of the year to see the bookings that have been made so far.

As an administrator, you can access many different features to control what is going on at your school. You can login to a tutor’s account (under the name of the tutor click on “login now” in case you need to add a slot, or block an hour, or change a detail in their profiles), you can block a slot from any tutor’s calendar (look at the green slots, and the words in blue “block this slot”), you can add a note (next to the time of the class in the slot) for instance saying important information about the student, the type of class, or any other comment you would like the tutor to read, you can check the student’s class record by clicking on the word LESSONS in the class slot, and many more.

How can you create a new tutor?
Go to Menu: Teachers -> Manage teachers

As you can see the form to complete is similar to the one for new students. Here you register your tutor. It is important to include the correct contact details and timezone, so that students can contact them easily. Also, you can add a description, a photo and a link to youtube for an introductory video.

After creating the tutor, ask the tutor to login to with their email account and password, and complete their availability in the calendar. You can also complete it yourself by accessing the tutors’ accounts (see below).

To view the entire list of tutors:
Go to Menu: Teachers -> View teachers

Here you can edit the tutors’ profile, login to their accounts by clicking on “login now” below each tutor’s name, and view the students’ feedback requested after every class, by clicking on “Resume”.