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We are constantly working to develop more features and will be adding them periodically. Here are some of the abilities the calendar has.

  • Displays reservations in local time wherever you are located worldwide
  • Auto-calculation of daylight savings
  • Calendar can be customized with your logo and banner
  • 'Clients' information is held in a searchable database
  • Generate reports of bookings and transactions
  • A customizable email system automatically sends reminders to clients
  • Changes in your schedules take just seconds to implement
  • 'Service providers' profiles and videos are displayed on the calendar
  • Integrated payment system, so your clients pay and reserve appointments without contacting you
  • Discount function allows you to easily set pricing and discounts that can be based on their number of previous appointments
  • Partner sites can also use the same service providers
  • Integrated click to call directly to clients via Skype.


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