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Our prices

We provide you with full use of our appointment calendar free
for the first month.

Online Payments
First trial month free!
Single user$15.95 per month
Multiple users 1-500 bookings$24.95 per month
Multiple users 500-1000 bookings$42.95 per month
1000+ bookings per monthPlease consult us for special pricing

Payments are accepted via Paypal, Moneybookers or major credit cards and automatically processed each month.

By using our appointment system both you and your clients will save time and the hassle of scheduling a booking that suits both parties. The time saved arranging appointments can be spent on improving your business in other areas.

We use Freshbooks invoicing, so each month you will receive an invoice from us and can track payments easily. Time is money, so use the world's most powerful tool "the Internet' to save your precious time!

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